How to Place a "Made to Order"

At ARWAY we are constantly creating new styles, and like the Liberian saying goes "Sit on the old mat, to make the new one". Though we are always creating, clients who are interested in our past collections can order at no additional cost!! Shop our made to order collection (processing and delivery of made to order items take 4-5 weeks, shipping handling not included in prices). 

Placing an Order

  1. First, click to visit our Made to Order page. Browse through our selection of designs. Choose the product you love, and make a note of the product base name and product number. 
  2. Then visit our "What's my product made of?" section below to learn about the different materials we use.
  3. Send us a message via our Contact Form. Please make sure to include:
    1. Your name, shipping address (so we can work out shipping price), and phone number.
    2. The product base name and number, the quantity you'd like to order, and your preferences (color, skin type or leather type).   Also include referral/coupon code, if any.
    3. NEED HELP scan code below to contact us via watsapp

    Processing Time Line

    1. ARWAY receives Email.
    2. ARWAY emails you an invoice via shopify and a swatch selection list (via google docs)=5 days based on customer feedback.
    3. You select your internal/external fabrics, the color of wood/ skin ( if applicable). 
    4. Upon receipt of your confirmed swatches processing commence=3 weeks.
    5. Four (4) to five (5) weeks later you have one unique bag that's "Mua Nah" ( It's Me!)

    What Are My Products Made Of?
    Due to the scarcity of materials in Liberia and our passion to create eco-friendly products, ARWAY team avoid importing raw materials by using local materials or recycle items for finishing. Our materials come from all over Africa, but the majority is a source within the West African region. To know more about the raw materials, we use to make our bags and accessories, click on each listed item to get more information. 

    African Blackwood
    Can Wood
    Ankara Cloth
    Country Cloth
    Crocodile Skin
    Iguana Skin
    Snake Skin
    Cow/Sheep Hide

    Contact Form
    Please remember to include the product base name and product number. We will contact you to acquire more details upon receipt of you request. Thanks!

    Please enjoy videos of our process!