Made To Order

At ARWAY we are constantly creating new styles, and like the Liberian saying goes "Sit on the old mat, to make the new one". Though we are always creating, clients who are interested in our past collections can order at no additional cost!! Shop our made to order collection (processing and delivery of made to order items take 4-5 weeks, shipping handling not included in prices). 

Processing Time Line
1. ARWAY receives Email.
When Sending Email i
nclude item name/number, quantity, color preference, skin preference, delivery address, contact number, and referral/coupon code if any.

Visit our "What's my product made of?" section to learn about the different materials we use.
2. ARWAY emails you an invoice and a swatch selection list(via google docs).
3. You select your internal/external fabrics, the color of wood/ skin( if applicable). 
4. Upon receipt of your confirmed swatches processing commence. 
5.  Four(4) t0 Five(5) weeks later you have one unique bag that's "Mua Nah" ( It's Me!)

NOTE: Made to order items can only be ordered using the email checkout option form.

Please include messages to us here.


SHIPPING Worldwide shipping is available, but due to the wide array of prices base on location, the price must be negotiated via phone or email to guarantee your satisfaction. Free Shipping and handling on all international orders over 300usd. Free 5 days shipping on orders placed in USA/Liberia. 10usd for two(2)days shipping in the USA RETURNS Not satisfied with your order, return the item(s) in the same condition within 5 business days or only pay $1 restocking fee.


1. All items are unique and handmade, meaning no two items will be exactly alike. Interior/exterior Ankara(African print) of bags will always differ, but styles remain the same. 2. Actual colors can be slightly different than shown in the picture. 3. Please feel free to ask any questions before you purchase to ensure a good experience on both sides. 4. Since this is a small business, all sales will be considered as-is and final - but we will be happy to discuss any issues and try to find an amicable solution where feasible. 5. Taxes are paid per the laws of the host country. 6. Prices online vary from an in-house display, fairs, and private viewing.