ARWAY collections are inspired by the three tribal groups (Mande, Mel, and Kru) and individuals in Liberia, and the authenticity of their traditions. Each item is uniquely designed in the bliss of the night or the wee hours of the mornings. Once completed, we maneuver to different parts of Monrovia to meet with our various Artists. As our designs are unique, every component is designed to ensure each Artist utilizes his/her skills, additionally, ALL can benefit economically. We start our journey with the Bag Makers, after hours of adding and subtracting we conclude. We skid over to the wood Carver with stencils, who carefully carve out each stencil. In between, we talk to the Painter, Vendors, BAs, etc. After a few weeks, our products are at your disposal. Thanks to……….

"Sewing is what I do for a living, but it's more than that, it about gaining others trust."

A protege of a Liberia fashionista, he has effectively grasped the art of threading in all aspects. He believes it is calling, and hope to someday own a fashion house.

He "He was born to be an artist," said a colleague. Frank started drawing from an early age. He is known to be one of the best Artists in Liberia. He is currently working at Heritage newspaper, and freelance when the calling is right.

From a young age, Jonah's' father thought him the art of woodcarving. Over the years Konah has mastered the art, and currently utilizing his skill to carve several items using various wood originating from West Africa.

"The manifestation of an idea from theory to actuality are moments I cherish"-Marit. Liberian born, worldly raised, fashion impacted, and cultural rapt. Her passion to utilize art as a tool for economic empowerment led her to start designing for ARWAY.

Bag Maker
My father inspired me to become a professional handbag maker. At the age of fifteen, I decided to perfect the art of bag making. Making a bag is not just about earning a living, but leaving a legacy for my children to one day follow.

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Worldwide shipping is available, but due to the wide array of prices base on location, the price must be negotiated via phone or email to guarantee your satisfaction. Free Shipping and handling on all international orders over 300usd. Free delivery on orders placed in Liberia/Minnesota. Cash or Mobile Money are accepted for orders placed in Liberia/Minnesota ONLY. RETURNS: Not satisfied with your order, return item(s) in the same condition within 5 business day and only pay $1 restocking fee.


1. All items are unique and handmade, meaning no two items will be exactly alike. Interior/exterior Ankara(African print) of bags will always differ, but styles remain the same. 2. Actual colors can be slightly different than shown in the picture. 3. Please feel free to ask any questions before you purchase to ensure a good experience on both sides. 4. Since this is a small business, all sales will be considered as-is and final - but we will be happy to discuss any issues and try to find an amicable solution where feasible. 5. Taxes are paid per the laws of host country. 6. Prices online vary from in-house display, fairs, and private viewing.